Can you afford to be an IIM-ian?

You might have discussed the big figures of payrolls offered to IIM Students by private companies and have heard that even after doing B. Tech. from institutes like IITs or even after leaving their jobs just for adding one more degree, MBA from IIM. Many of you might have watched “3 Idiots” recently and wondered that why one student of the college chooses to suicide in the movie? Let’s discuss some of facts and comments on today’s high educations in India ….

big salaryJust got a call from my younger brother from HAL, B’glore about the troubles related to fees, he needs to pay for IIM-B’glore and that the issues related to the same triggered this post.

Some boring family history … Father doing a simple job in PNB, Mom housewife, Three brothers; Second to me secured 50th rank in UP Boards, engineering (B. Tech electronics) from MNNIT (after missing IIT by a few ranks), Allahabad and then started career with to HAL, B’glore. Third and last one, secured 19th rank in UP Boards; engineering (B. Tech Mechanical) from BIT, Ranchi and secured placement with NTPC.

Coming to point, both the bro’s participated in a few MBA entrance exams and second brother secured IIM, B’glore and IIM, Lucknow, here comes to call. Do you know how much fees one needs to pay for getting an IIM degree now? More than 10 lacs? Yes! You know that you are reading it right, you already have heard debates about it, but I just realized the pain of figures by today only.

I have read many arguing in favour of fees hikes as faculty asking more. People say that at elast this is one place, which don’t beg money from Government and wants to keep the things real. ‘Common man’ will be graduated to ‘rich’ in three four years, what’s big deal?

Knowing something, discussing something, reasoning something, arguing about something is just another thing and being into it… just another…which you wont understand.

A father earning around 20k or you may assume a little more, spending a part of salary in house construction like most of the parents do once their other sons start working. Parents, who hardly might have took any load ever or even if would have taken then  it was a house loan itself and the son asks for signing on a loan of 13 lacs for his studies. The amount already says that the EMIs to paid later on for years (6-7 years) would be of same amount as currently salary of his dad.

dadismIf mature, then the son already might have done some savings from his engineering job of last 4-5 years knowing his family conditions. Might be the case that he has few lacs (not more than 2-3) saved in his accounts, but still … what you expect from a father?

He sure would have heard of MBAs from IIM. He may be aware or might not be aware that what worth an IIM degree has. But still … he doesn’t know that is it that worth to leave a job that was already paying more than double of his income?

Why such high fees? If you think from the view of businessmen then its justified coz to give lectures in IIMs, we don’t get professors here, who didn’t been practical and smart enough to get placed with big companies. You need already successful businessmen and management professionals, who knows the language of money only, the language, which someone doing an MBA needs to know more than anything. Bringing anything lesser asks for degradation, so it goes justified in a way.

But question is, why Government banking it this much if they want such money by fees themselves? Why they don’t think an MBA bringing worth fo country than an engineer do? Why they want only business tycoons afford such degree not the talent?

Yes!!! Educational loans come in to ‘rescue’, but unfortunately the only rescue. What will you put education loan against a guarantee, when you never earned even one third of such a amount that you expect to get in your first paycheck? The banks know it, so they take only IIM as guarantee, means your loan will be forwarded to your first employer and you will be set to pay 15-20k per month till next 5-7 years after completing the degree. A career will begin with a debt, a debt, which none of the family ever thought to took. Loan is a scary word in itself. No wonder not every talent making it to IIM.

Six-seven years is much for a big time, the amount you expect to earn ask for a high life style, can you hold? What if wanted to buy a flat in the big metro, you might be working then? Why wouldn’t you wish for a car suiting to your profile? Would you be able to? Would you be fresh with ideas under thoughts of a debt over you?

Lacs of students who take such loans every year, prove that there is not much of risk involved as it sounds, but who has to understand it, students or banks or government? Higher interest rates than even home loans already shout that its not about education, but about profit. Probably the first lesson an MBA aspirant gets before even starting, its a tough world about taking risk and earning money only. Morals don’t matter.

Congr8s IIMs. Congr8s Banks. Congra8s Government. You doing a nice job.

Concept Application for Nokia N8-Contacts Redefined

Recently I wrote about next coming Nokia Flagship, Nokia N8, the crown bearer of all Camera Phones in the world. There still remains a lot to talk about the same, but real thing will be when it reaches to our hands. Admirations, amazement and long wait to explore it. Wait is making you crazy na!!!! You can do more than waiting, a chance to make the jewel of your own. A chance to make the next coming Symbian^3 experience even better, a chance to take things to another level. Give your idea about a new app and if it sounds cool then you could win a Nokia N8.

All the details are here. That’s is what keeping Nokia on the top since all those years. First the Device from Community Ideas and then the future Nokia device, then create your app and now this. Must say, you are heading right Nokia!!! Winning or loosing is on another side, you belong to hearts.

So, what you are waiting for? Its your chance to make it, go for it. An idea could change the life.


Like the last competition about Future Nokia, in place of taking part into competition only, my idea is to take the opportunity to present some of my thoughts, which will be very basic, very possible, just Layman’s Take, but still worth thinking for. so here I am presenting one of my ideas here that I don’t think will get voted much there (I am not popular like CJ or AAS:jealous)

Contacts Redefined (Social / Geo)

The idea is not entirely new. There is already an app named Hermes on Maemo fetching info like display contacts picture, numbers, webpage, birthdays etc from your social contacts and putting into contacts and calendar. I just wanted to add some more and bring it to already much social Nokia N8 in a big way.

Think about a future, where you need not to ask/ tell your friends about their numbers, birthday etc or update them about changes, because its always updated right into their phone. You don’t even needed to create a phone book, when get a new phone. No one misses birthdays anymore, if not logged into social connections for a while as their phones will automatically going to remind them about upcoming birthdays or events.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut etc. all are open with their APIs and depending on privacy level user chooses, practically its not big deal to fetch such profile information from your social connections. Though Hermes doesn’t do that but the same application could be extended to add geo info as well from Ovi Maps or Google Lattitude etc.

Think tomorrow is your friend’s birthday and at 11:45 PM, your phone rings a bell about that and after greeting him/ her in night, when you woke up in morning, at 9:00 AM, you get driving instructions to reach him/ her, if practically near.

I don’t talk about cheesy things, but for me its a very practical, basic and very possible idea to go with. If you fear about battery, then updates could be manual/ optional or of longer durations or in place of replacing/ adding info, it could be chosen to pop up as suggestions kind of (Google Buzz way). Obviously customizations possible from performance point of view or to avoid cluttering on user’s preferences, but practically unlimited contacts space needs something like this for very sure.

Not sure that Ovi will pick this idea today, but it will come to smart phones very soon, from here or there. If you think phones as your personal assistant, friend or companion, then you want this.

If you think this idea is cool then vote for it or promote it in your own ways. Its there (search for Nitish).

So my Ovi Cool Swags arrived – Love you Nokia :)

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Remember that Ovi Maps competition, @OvibyNokia people started on 22nd March 2010? One was to cerate a story, showcase a video or something like that about Ovi Maps and prizes like Nokia N97 mini were on stake. Sigh!!! I wasn’t that lucky to bag one of them but sure I was quick enough to post one story of mine (which was just fresh to me).

March 23, 2010, 17:46, I got a tweet/ Direct Message from @OviByNokia that I am one of five people winning Ovi Cool Swags for being early participants. A tweet from OviByNokia

The fastest participants to the#OviMaps competition get cool swag! Congratulations @riteshnewatia@not_al @trotor @mrnitishkumar@acurrie

There was a long wait of more than one month and finally, the wait over now and the surprise gifts started reaching to participants, here comes un-packing of my items …

1. DHL Parcel: Many of us, now have become used to these parcels, thanks to WomWorld/ Nokia and similar was security staff of my office. Though for a difference I got the call that there is parcel for me from Germany. I was sure that its that Ovi Swag as was notified by @OvibyNokia on twitter.

DHL Parcel

2. The Invoice: Yes! I have seen invoices from WomWorld, but there was no logo on them. So, it was nice to see a Nokia logo for a change on invoice. Same was the reason to include the same in pics.

The Invoice 

3. The surprise revealed: The goods inside were one white T-Shirt (Did I told you that white is my favorite color?) and a beautiful shiny green packet (green for maps).

The opened parcel

4. What’s inside the packet?

Full Content DSC00972

So there was a White T-Shirt (XL for me though), one Diary, one 4GB cute little pen drive, one Gel Pen, one circular magnetic badge and one sticker. Though still I am trying to figure out that how the last two could be utilized, these all are enough for making me smile.

DSC00965DSC00970Can any one tell what the last two might be for? I mean with Circular Magnetic Badge and Ovi Sticker.. Waiting for comments…

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar
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Nokia N8 bringing class to mass- Nokia N8 Vs iPhone 4G?

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In our Hindu Mythology, there’s a saying that whenever the nature starts loosing the balance, the God arrives to make sure that nature may regain the balance. May not be exactly the same, but probably Nokia’s next product lineup seems to be doing something sort of that ;)

For me technology designs two kind of products; for mass or for class and the actual growth of the society comes with a proper balance of these two. Unfortunately, in recent past, we seen the balance going much of disarray kind of. Apple iPhone 3G not less than 30k, Nokia N900, probably around 34k and similar were the case with HD Mini or others.

Many questioned from my circle over the price and I guess many others also might be wishing to voice their concerns. A price over Rs. 30, 000/- for smart phones? I mean however advance they might be, whatever the technology might have topped, but its a phone man!!! You could get a Netbook in the same price easily with bigger screen, then why spending this much over a phone only? I dreamed for not only better equipped but a better priced smart phone.

Yes! technology is good, the convenience it brings is good, understand that what it takes to bring the same in hands of people, but still it needs to reasonable and affordable to call it “buying a phone”. Were people thinking to buy computers, when they were of house like sizes and prices like even businesses can’t afford? Were ACs made their places in every third home before prices went low?

There was a race between Smart phones not only about features and bigger processors, but about prices as well like who can place a more higher priced phone than other. It really seemed to have lost focus about actual buyers. Being the biggest cell phone manufacturer in the world, it was sure a call for Nokia first and I am glad that they finally took it. Nokia seems to all set for bringing class to mass (C3, C6, E5 and now N8).

Two leaked flagship phones, the lost Apple iPhone 4G prototype and then mysteriously leaked Nokia N8 prototype and it was clear that Market is all set to see another battle even before a MeeGo device could actually arrive (only that should have been actually compared with an iPhone for real). Nokia kept it reputation of being a company for community and made the official announcement for the next Camera Flagship for whole industry, Nokia N8 (probably there was no option left).


While still a long wait before we will be able to actually see these two flagship model from two different “cultures” (expected to be released almost at the same time), its sure going to be a hot topic for blogs to compare both of them. Being different price segment device, it wouldn’t be fare to compare them, but still mentioning a 10 points comparison between Nokia N8 and iPhone 4G for people exactly looking for it…

1. Connectivity: When it comes to connectivity, then on papers, it seems to be a tie as most of the advance connectivity options seems to have became a standard now (except HDMI port in Nokia N8). What seems new to Apple’s iPhone 4G is introduction of Micro-SIM in place of standard SIM (it was already there in Apple’s iPad). Still its not clear that what it might be offering in terms of functioning, but as the manufacturing company ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) has been offering increased control and security features in its chips, many might be expecting that in place of being some ground breaking technology for connectivity, its more about the compactness, control and security. Apple! why cant you be open?
I don’t think that Apple would have thought about providing HDMI port (till now at least), definitely it would be a selling point for Nokia and more convenience for users.
2. A-GPS: I tried, but still unable to find that if Nokia N8 is going to sport Digital Compass built-in, most probably, it will not. Here we find Apple better as iPhone 4G has no reasons to go below than 3G version. Digital Compass technology might be a little tough or costly to implement, but people who have used it, know that its a blessing.
Apple get marks over this one, but still Apple’s GPS software doesn’t matches Nokia’s and Google not ready to give voice guided navigation to iPhone. Yes! Apple’s attempt to improve its own map software seems to be right step in the road ahead. But still I didn’t seen anyone enjoying navigation over iPhone that much, as we see people with even cheaper Nokia sets.
3. Display: Nokia is bringing 3.5” multi-touch capacitive screen in a flagship model finally (I don’t call the others as flagship ones). While its a matter of excitement, but its true that like in case of GPS, Nokia’s experience win, with multi-touch and capacitive screen, iPhone OS4 and its apps are expected to win the battle. More of it, Apple completely dominates due to fact that its expected to sport a much higher resolution than we ever might had seen.
Higher resolution does wonder that we had already seen with Nokia N900, even then I could understand Nokia’s concern of keeping price low. Probably that became the reason for lower resolution, but still I will say Kudos to Nokia!!! I am with you.
4. Sound: Dolby surround sound!!! are we really talking about smart phones. Technology changes a lot and making many things affordable. Apple’s products always known for their sound quality and as both of them going to sport second microphone for noise cancellation, we are all set to move into dream world of music soon. Expecting it to be a tie.
5. Camera: Forget it Apple, you are not even going to get even proper mention in this segment. Nice if you added flash, nice if you added a better camera, but you can’t even dream to tally with a Camera like Nokia N8. 12 MP Camera with HD Recording and Xenon Flash!!! Are you insane? Any iPhone including 4G can’t even think of competing even my beloved Nokia N82, leave Nokia N8 aside. Not mentioning much about Camera as there is no fight at any level.
Apple!! You need to move up till 7 generations at least to get par with Nokia N8’s Camera.
6. Processor: iPhone 3G supposed to have a 620  MHz processor under the hood and iPhone 4G probably coming with a Dual Core processor. People are wondering if the same would have 1GHz or more. A lot of expectations are here with iPhone and same has to compete with 1GHz processor of Google’s one, Apple sure could not afford to go low. But still Nokia really making me smile by introducing Nokia N8 at this point, in place of introducing some big successor for Nokia N900. Its already been hard for Apple to sell their phones in Asian market and now …. Apple is on double axes.
Definitely a better processor makes you capable of doing much more thing and providing developers a better platform to think more, but at the same point its about being reasonable as well. Nokia does an excellent job with Multi tasking all the time and Apple just seems to be introducing a mediocre multi tasking at this point. Why can’t you achieve that level of multi tasking that Nokia seems to have with even early 300 MHz processors? Many might have seen Nokia N82 running more than 60 apps at a time and they will sure be asking that what’s important? what you do or how you do?
Definitely, Apple seems to have a better processor with iPhone 4G, but still it doesn’t seem that Apple will make use of the same for real things. Nokia has ruled with multi-tasking and I think Apple will take one more generation to understand that.
7. Memory support: 16GB eMMC mass memory + micro SD card slot (support up to 32GB memory cards), 135MB internal memory, 256 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM, Nokia seems not leaving a place for complaint. I am sure, Apple going to do better with RAM and Application memory, but still there seems to be no place for a memory card slot even now. Being a close technology didn’t served better in past, still Apple seems to chose being worse than Microsoft.
Apple!! definitely, till you don’t reconsider this, you will be loosing points. Include MicroSD Card support please. Nokia rules in this department like always.
8: iPhone OS4 Vs Symbian^3: There has been big talks around iPhone OS, a number of developers are running after their lives for designing apps day and night for “The most advance mobile OS of planet”. Still openness of Android and Maemo shown the way that what could a more flexible and attractive platform for mass rather than serving profit needs of some company.
It nothing like I hate iPhone OS, in fact, I love the innovations it does and understand the Enthusiasm with which developer die for it, but still I hope much more from a Symbian.
Only obstacles in Nokia’s way ahead is obsession with backward compatibility. The same probably been biggest reason behind Windows Vista under the hood and fear is if the same happening with Symbian. Sometimes complete overhauling may be required than sticking with older rules only (We have seen in case of Maemo), issue is that overhauling should not be half baked like Nokia N900 missed Ovi Maps and Ovi Store miserably.
A MeeGo would be more suiting to stand in league of Android or iPhone OS, but still I believe Symbian^3 will stand tall even if doesn’t win against iPhone OS4.
9. Openness and Easy updates: I loved the way Nokia releases firmware updates for their smart phones ‘frequently’. Yes!! they are not that frequent like Microsoft does or like Maemo started doing, but still having free updates over the air is something so amazing for me and others out there for the convenience it brings to users.
Apple!!! people hate you for creating the term “Paid updates”. Nokia will be beloved for the same always as I don’t seem that Apple will bow down to remove its arrogance.
10. Battery Life: Nokia N8 going to sport a lesser battery (1200 mAh) than Apple, but its replaceable. Definitely Apple and Nokia get their advantages in terms for that.
I wonder if Nokia could produce a separate more power battery on additional cost. Why can’t the same device had two different kind of batteries in same shape? Would be a more flexible option for people asking for more.

Update: After observing Q&A session of Nokia, feeling a little disappointed to know the fact that for keeping the slim looks, Nokia did the biggest compromise ever, Integrated battery with the device that could not be replaced by users themselves. Not happy with this fact at least. Not able to digest as it was deal breaker to many. Nokia goes Apple way in this case. 

A lot could be talked about and would be talked about these two device in next days. I am just doing my bit. :)

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More over Nokia N8

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Lots of talks were going on over Nokia N8 from long, we even seen the early pics from a russian blogger on last day, but still many were wondering if Nokia going to miss the dates as rumors were saying that Nokia going to unveil this device in April 2010 only. So, today was April 27, 2010 and with only 3 days more remaining in April, rumors got it exactly right, when Nokia Conversations probably became the first source to announce the next generation of Camera Phone series.


This was the sneak peak into the device, we seen early the morning.

In first few mins, the official site had some issue with authentication and was asking for username/ password probably for the active content. But even if one was cancelling prompts, site was ready to reveal the show stopper Nokia N8 in complete day lights. I already have mentioned about the specifications and price from the same source. Now, even officially product page arrived. Head there to know more about it.

The site has an emulation of Nokia N8’s screen on the front, you can watch the video and increase the volume, forward, pause etc. Not sure, if it has the same messaging apps as Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 going to have. (Just checked the official page, it will have the same Mail/IM support as upcoming Messaging devices), not sure why Nokia kept the resolution 640x380 in place of 800x600 of Nokia N900? But still if price remain on Rs. 22, 000/-, then Nokia did an amazing job like always to bring the capacitive screen in such a ‘small price’.


Yes!! the price is small about this device as I bought my Nokia N82 two and half years back in Rs. 19, 500/- and its still pricing around Rs. 17, 000/- at least I guess. Leave the brand new amazing Symbian^3 a side, leave the costly but lovingly smooth iPhone like capacitive screen a side, its going beyond double of your mega pixels in Nokia N82, bring 12 MP with HD recording @30fps with same Xenon Flash everyone of us was craving for.

Let me add one thing on disappointment side, its expected to be launched in the countries given below only in first phase:

Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, China, Portugal

Why you skip India all the time? A reader mentioned that release will be worldwide and I re-checked. Sorry for early excitement. Hope it true.. want it soon in my hands.

Geeks might be out to complain abound lower battery of 1200 mAh, few might mourn about RAM still on 256 MB and CPU on 680 MHz, but no one could deny the fact that only Nokia could have done this by bring a full fledge connectivity device, 3.5” capacitive screen, 12 MP Camera with Xenon Flash and HD Recoridng, 16 GB eMMC Internal Memory (expandable to 32 GB via card), FM Reciever/ Transmitter, finger/ stylus touch over Capacitive screen and what a look.

Updates: Adding few videos about Nokia N8

Nokia!!!! only you could have done it. Hard to wait for it. WomWorld/ Nokia!!! are you listening me? :P

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